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Paperwork Done offers organization, information and inspiration in a professional atmosphere.

About Us
Lori Adams services for the elderly cut through the red tape.

Paperwork Done offers organization, information and inspiration for the elderly, disabled and terminally unorganized.

1. Health Insurance Claims
2. Death Benefit Claims
3. Checkbook Balancing

Mission Statement:
Paperwork Done provides professional services in a personal atmosphere. Lori is an experienced and dedicated professional with more than 15 years of medical claim and paperwork organization experience.

Five people whom Paperwork Done can help:
1. An elderly or disabled person on Medicare
2. An elderly person who has just lost a spouse
3. An elderly patient recently released from the hospital
4. An adult decision maker who is handling elderly parents’ paperwork
5. An adult decision maker who has recently lost a parent

Key to Paperwork Done’s Success:
1. Client needs are serviced promptly and efficiently.
2. A professional image is maintained at all times.
3. An excellent working relationship is maintained with outside sources such as financial advisors, accountants, lawyers and medical providers.

Paperwork Done’s Client Rights:
1. All services performed will be done confidentially.
2. All services will be tailored to individual needs.
3. Because it is important to know when and where you can get assistance, we
will develop a comprehensive, strategic plan to maximize all appropriate benefits.

Organizational Memberships:
1. DuPage County Association of Senior Service Providers – Board Member
2. Downers Grove Chamber of Commerce – Member
3. BNI (Business Networking International) – Board Member

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