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Paperwork Done offers organization, information and inspiration in a professional atmosphere.
Our Services

Paperwork Done offers organization, information and inspiration for the elderly, disabled and terminally unorganized.

Paperwork Done assists throughout the entire process, including the completion of required paperwork for:

  1. Medicare and Health Insurance claim resolution
  2. Medicare/Medicaid/Social Security claims
  3. Death Benefit claims
  4. Supportive Living, Assisted Living and Independent Living forms
  5. Organizing and paying bills
  6. Checkbook balancing
  7. Financial/legal services using outside sources for:
    i. Investment coordination
    ii. Wills, Trusts, and Guardianship Issues
    iii. Tax planning and filing

Paperwork Done can help with people who say:

  1. “These medical bills are so confusing.”
  2. “Visiting mom and dad has become a chore because I end up doing their paperwork instead of enjoying our visit.”
  3. “My husband just died and I have no idea how to fill out all the paperwork that must be done.”

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